May 23 started out as – a website for vape product reviews, resources, and specifications. We are re-launching in June 2018 as

At its peak, our website generated more than 2600 unique visitors daily.

We are proud to have been an early contributor to the vape industry. As we did in the early days (and will continue), our work with manufacturers emphasizes the need for safety and healthier products for vapers. Our goal is safety and value.

Vapers can trust our reviews. We do not accept any payment or stipends for reviews. Reviews are absolutely accurate, we tell like it is.

At the writing of this about us section in late May 2018, all of our reviews have been written and online 24x7. We have resisted video reviews since there are were so many video reviewers that satisfied the market. Lately, however, video reviewers are missing the mark. Videos are no longer focused on reviews: they include rants and other topics unrelated to the product. The length of videos is getting out of hand – one popular reviewer is getting upwards of 45 minutes for each video.

We will change that. We are going to take our direct approach and produce video reviews – and our promise is a timeline that does not exceed 15 minutes. And, a further promise: the video will focus on the product being reviewed. Not the reviewer, not a rant.

Look for our channel on YouTube around September 2018.